How to Create a Natural Makeup.

If you are new to makeup or if you have been creating the same look over and over for years now you may be looking for a quick natural look that accentuates your best features without looking overly made up.  Today I am going to show you a quick, easy way to play up what you’ve got and not look like you trying out for the circus.

To start you want to wash your face, pat dry and then moisturize.  Cover any blemishes with concealer and if you use foundation, apply evenly.  You don’t have to use foundation on your entire face or at all if you have clear, even looking skin. I have problem skin so I used concealer for the dark bags under my eyes and to cover some blemishes around my forehead and chin, then applied a thin layer of light foundation to my T-zone and cheeks.

If you have an eye-shadow primer apply that to your lids.  I don’t use primer myself, but I know that it works wonders for the consistency and the duration of eye makeup.

Next you want to pick your shades.  I always choose a matte shade closest to my skin-tone as a base.  This is an ELF cosmetics eye-shadow set I picked up at Target for a song and I love it.  For my base I used row 2 across, 3 down.  I’d give you the shade name, but they aren’t listed.  It is a very light peach.  My contour color is row 5 across, down three.  My liner shade is row 5 across, 4 down and my highlight shade is row 1, 3 down.  For my brows I used row 2 across, 4 down.  Now let me show you how I applied these shades.

Using a large eye-shadow brush I swept the base color from lash line to brow.  (I look so sleepy.  Not a good look for me.)

Next I apply my contour color into my crease from the corner of my eye almost to the inside corner.  I am using a blending brush here to pull the shade up and across following with lighter and lighter strokes to blend the shadow up towards my brow bone, but not over it.

I next blend that contour color along the outer corner of my eye a the lash line.  I am blending lightly up towards the crease and in towards the center of my eye, stopping about a third of the way in.

I also sweep the contour under my eye lightly.   I don’t go all the way to the inner corner of my eye.  I usually do three-quarters leaving the inner corner of my eye naked, so to speak.

Using a larger blending brush I do a light sweep of my lid to better blend the colors.

Next I apply a liner to the outer corner of my eye.  I am using purple, but could have used a darker brown or even black if I wanted more impact.  I am going to blend this slightly with a sponge tip to create a smokier look and remove the obvious line of the pencil.

Sorry if this makes you queasy, but I also apply liner to the underside of my lash line using a liner brush in a darker color.  You can go on top of your lash line if you feel uncomfortable getting this close to your eye.  It’s not a technique for everyone.

Next, I apply a white liner to the lower lid of my eye on the water line.  I apply this very lightly and it adds just a little pop to really open up my eye.

I also apply a hint of high-lite to my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye.  This is a shimmer color so I apply lightly and blend well.

I add my brow color with a brow brush then follow with a brow comb to define the line.

Next it is on to cheeks so I pull out three different shades of blush.  You can use one shade and only use one of the these techniques or combine in any way to create your own look.

First, I sweep a darker matte blush right under my cheek bone to add depth.

Second, I use a lighter matte blush on the top of my cheek bone to highlight and add some color to my pale skin.

Finally, I dust a shimmery, brighter blush onto the apples of my cheeks to give me a youthful glow.  I start light with blush and add more if I deem it necessary.  You can always add more, but once it is there it is hard to get it lighter.

Most of you may choose to skip this step completely, but I will show it anyway.  I have a little bump in my nose from a childhood baseball accident, thanks little Bro, and so I use a medium-tone, matte eyeshadow to run down the sides of my nose from my brow line to the tip.  It is very light and all I am trying to do is define the straight line of my nose and distract from the little bump in the middle.  You can skip this step if you like, but I like to use shadow lightly to accentuate the angles of my face.

I then apply a translucent powder to my face to set the make up.

Time to add mascara.  I always do this after my powder to make sure I don’t get powder stuck to my wet lashes.  I am using a dark-black volumizing and lengthening mascara, but choose the shade and type that works best for your skin tone and lashes.  My suggestion is to make sure that you remove any excess mascara from the brush with toilet tissue or a paper towel to keep clumping to a minimum.  I start at the upper, outer corner of my eye and as I pull up through my lashes I move the brush slightly from side to side, outside to inside.  This technique fully coats the lashes and adds more volume.

My last step, and some may do this before the powder, is to add lip liner to the outer corners of my mouth and follow with a lip color that is as close to my natural lip color as possible.

And I am done.  Yes, you can tell I have some make-up on, but I don’t look overly done up and could easily go from work to play or even out on the town.  Natural make up goes with everything.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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