How to jazz up that old pony.

Now that I am exercising once a day again I find my self wearing a ponytail more often in between washes.  I find myself getting bored going around with a basic old ponytail so I have taken to dressing it up a bit here and there.

Today I am going to show you a super quick and easy way to add a little pizzaz to that old stale look.  This will take you an additional 1 or 2 minutes and will give you a nice style that you can pair with a casual or semi-formal look depending on how much time you put into it.

First, collect your hair up in a pony tail and tie up with a band.  I suggest an elastic band that is cloth-covered with no metal at the seam; that will keep you from pulling any hair out when you remove it at the end of the day.  From the bottom of that ponytail you want to gather together enough hair to make a braid.  You decide how much or how little, but note that the more hair you use the more difficult it will be for your to keep it pinned up.

Next, you want to braid the hair you have pulled aside.  I have done a reverse braid.  The difference between a regular braid and a reverse braid is that instead of pulling the sides over the top of the middle you pull them under the middle.  I do this so that when I pull the braid up and over the band it will then look like a normal braid.

Pull the braid up and over the band until you have just a small bit at the end remaining.  Take that last little end of hair and tuck it under the twisted braid and pin securely with a bobby pin or small clip.  For children, it would might look cute if you used a colored pin or clip.

If you want to dress this up even more you can curl or wave your hair before you put it in the ponytail to give it that beautiful bouncy look.   All done.  The quickest, most simple way I know of going from “same old” to “how cute”.


One thought on “How to jazz up that old pony.

  1. Great tip! I have wrapped hair around but not braided. Love it. For a more formal look add a touch of back combing or a “bump it” and do a low or even a side pony!!! Easy peasy!

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