How to create a sock-bun.

Another great way to dress up an average look it to take your normal twisted bun to the next level by, of all things, adding a sock to the mix.  That is right, I said a sock.  Your average, everyday trouser sock will do.  Go and grab one and meet me in front of the mirror and I will show you how to make a sock bun in five minutes or less.

Step one, pull your hair up into a high ponytail at the top of your head and tie up with your cloth-covered elastic band.

Step Two, take your sock and bring it to the end of your ponytail; over or under is your choice.

Step three, roll your hair up to your head over the sock and then tie the ends of the sock together at your head.  You will want to tuck the ends of the sock into the spaces at each end of your gathered hair.

Step four, take the ends of your hair one at a time and pull them up, or down depending upon if you have gone over or under with your bun, and bring together over where you have tied your sock and pin with bobby-pins or clips.

This is the time to make sure you cover the sock completely and that you don’t have any flat spots in your new bun and you’re done.

To add a little extra to this look you can wrap a ribbon or scarf around your bun.

Simple and classic.


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